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"Importance of Branding in International Railfreight"

(In Turkish)
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My Speeches

LojiTV - Lojistik Analizi with Recep Koca.

İstanbul Universitesi - Bir Kuşak Bir Yol Projesi.

Bartın Universitesi - Sektörden Akademiye Lojistik

Uludağ Üniversitesi - Geleceğin Demiryolu

İSTE Denizcilik Söyleşileri

Kırklareli Üniversitesi - Güncel Demiryolu Gelişmeleri

20 Dakika'da Lojistik Gündem

1 Soru 1 Konuk - Intermodal Taşımalar

DARGEB - Kuşak ve Yol Projesi

DEU - Kariyer Günleri

DEFMED - Denizcilik Söyleşileri

Filyos Kongresi

My Articles

Chinese New Year “Tiger” before, after and expectations

Be ready for the Delta Variant: Global Supply Chains Overview

Logistics evaluation of 2020 and Vision for the Future

China - Turkey supply chains should be strengthened with railfreight alternative

Alternative logistic models against rising freight rates

Turning the crisis into an opportunity: The profit margins of container ship owners in the pandemic

What will the new normal of Covid-19 bring in container transportation?

Belt and Road and Filyos Port, things to do.

Ningbo Port in China, and alternative trade routes.

Container Fleet Coordinate and Commercial Planning.

Belt and Road, ASIA's Go West Strategy

How I created Customer Loyality and won monthly awards

Kazakhistan's President Mr. Tokayev's speech to the Nation and Logistics Expectations

Detailed Turkish Export Analysis and Container Statics

Turkish Foreign Trade and Container Transportation

Covid-19 and new ERA in container transportation

Gazette- Turkish Railway Projects Accelerated

What will the 314 Million Euro Railway Loan change?

Turkish Ro-Ro Statics, and Very Detailed Analysis for Creating a New Freight Line