Milestone Projects Completed

  • Turkish Block Trains to China

In a major milestone, the first train carrying goods from Turkey to China departed from Istanbul.

Covering 8,693 kilometers and passing through two continents, two seas and five countries, the first freight train carrying goods from Turkey reached China in 12 days. The 8,693-kilometer path includes 2,323 kilometers in Turkey, 220 in Georgia, 430 in Azerbaijan, 420 in the Caspian Sea, 3,200 kilometers in Kazakhstan and 2,100 kilometers in China.

  • Block Trains from Asia

First Direct Forwarding Train Arrives From China to Turkey. The first Forwarding train, which came directly from China to Turkey, arrived at Turkey. A new direct rail service for the Turkish market. Operating between Xi'an / China and Izmit / Turkey, direct block train offers a new solution for imports to Turkey. The fast travel time it provides makes this service a viable option that complements existing services.

  • Special Design McLaren from/to France

This McLaren specialy designed for his owner Serkan Chamdi, and we managed to transport his lady from France - Turkey and Turkey- France at 2016 via Ro-Ro.

  • Hidromek HMK 460MG

Hidromek HMK 460MG transportation for my client at 2018. This is the first Hidromek HMK 460 MG that exported from Turkey.

  • Ambulance in 45'HC to Qatar

Ambulance carriage within a 45'HC container to Qatar for my client Turkish Hospital with Barsan Global. I am very proud that it was the first Turkish hospital located at Qatar and I transport a lot of healthcare supplies and ambulances.

  • Hidromek HMK 140LC

There is Hidromek HMK 140LC's are exporting in my supervisor for my client NMT Shipping at 2018. This project transported very safely to final destination, Australia.

  • My new Patent for the Logistics

Description: Fast booking system for Ocean Cargo. Automated Shipping Instructions entry©. Load/Roll list; Container or RoRo trailer swap options©. Daily ETA/ATA change report, tailor made cargo tracking reports, D&D calculator (Maersk Integrated).